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21 Gun Episode Archive

Over the next several weeks we will be updating our Youtube Channel to feature all of our past episodes with Compound Media. Check out our latest playlists for a trip down memory lane including audio versions of Sully's original podcast "Wait, What if..."

21 Gun: Homefront

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21 Gun has partnered with 22 Sierra Coffee Co. for the launch of "Homefront" a weekly podcast that peeks into the lives of veterans and their families. Join us as we tackle the ups and downs of transitioning from active duty to civilian life, living with PTSD/TBI, raising children, negotiating Tricare, and living with Chappy, a 75 lbs. service dog! We share the bittersweet experience of losing the support we once had while on active duty, but also the joy of staying connected with the veteran community. Listen in as we balance family life with our mission to help run a coffee company dedicated to improving the lives of veterans. It's a blend of heartfelt stories, practical tips, and a sprinkle of humor that makes Homefront a must-listen for anyone connected to the military world.
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