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Kevin Sullivan, Capt, USAF (Ret.)

Creator and Host of 21 Gun

"Sully" is a medically retired U.S. Air Force officer and aviator, who's remarkable career spans worldwide combat operations in austere and challenging locations across the Mid East and Africa. 

Armed with a Bachelor's Degree in Modern History and a Master's Degree in Medical Science, Sullivan has seamlessly transitioned from the battlefield to the healthcare arena, where he now serves as a Physician Assistant and advocate for life saving alternative therapies for treating PTSD and TBI. Sully is the creator and host of the 21 Gun Podcast, a widely recognized for its "Veteran's Perspective" of modern events. 


Frank Easterling, SSgt, USMC/US Army

21 Gun 2nd Mic

Frank Easterling is a veteran of both the US Army and the Marine Corps, Frank is unshakable having spent a majority of his career as an Explosives Ordinance Disposal. He joined the military to search for something with more meaning. Both his birth father and step father were in the military and he felt the need to continue the family tradition. Frank volunteered with the Irreverent Warriors and was interviewed by Kevin during an event. Kevin was impressed with Frank's attitude on free speech and his work advocating for veterans that he became a regular guest on the show. 

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