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Creator and Host of Twenty-One Gun

Kevin "Sully" Sullivan served as an Air Force C-130 Navigator from 2003 till 2007 until he was injured during flight operations in Iraq and subsequently retired. Like so many other vets in his position he found himself deeply depressed and constantly reliving the events which lead to the end of his flying career. He had two choices, stay in bed, drink and feel sorry for himself or dig deep, face the situation head-on and plan out a new life. Fast forward 14 years, Sully is now a successful Physician Assistant with a beautiful family.

"Lately, we're hearing a lot about 22 veteran suicides a day. It makes me wonder where I would have been a decade ago without the support of a loving family and resources to get back on my feet. How many veterans are left feeling alone and isolated in a sea of civilians who don't speak their language, understand their humor, or share common experiences? So I decided to bring the stories of Post-9/11 Veterans out in the open. I want veterans to share their stories of success and failures and to hopefully shed light on the fact that none of us are alone as long as we call ourselves veterans!"