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About The Show

The Twenty One Gun is a live podcast highlighting the unique opinions on current events from the viewpoint of the modern veteran. It is an unfiltered view into our experiences, our thoughts, and how we perceive our place in a society. 

Twenty One Gun Strives to:

 - Connect Veterans to resources by sharing the stories behind many non-profit VSOs eager to assist vets in need.

 - Normalize mental health issues. Vets don't like to ask for help but we hate burying our brothers and sisters even more. You're not alone!

 - Advocate for veterans by helping civilians understand who we are, what we experienced, and why we do the quirky things we do.

 - Assist Active Duty Service Members transition back to the civilian world by sharing stories of the good and the bad. Whether you're in day 1 of boot camp or in year 25 of your career, you will be a civilian again. Being prepared makes all the difference. 

 - Most of all, to remind veterans that you're not alone, you're understood, you're needed,

and you're loved. 

Thank you for visiting Twenty One Gun!


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